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Welcome to Diaro's Gallery website of original images.
We feature eight collections, including Italy/Switzerland photos, Greece photos, Europe More,
Mt. Tamalpais in Marin County, the Coastline, symbolic themes, intimate images of Manhattan,
and Paintings & Collages.

How often have you almost forgotten someone's important day, and rushed to the store

to find a special card to pop in the mail -- or in that person's hand -- just in time?
Or maybe you had the best intentions all along, but simply ran out of time.
We can help you have the right, special card at your fingertips whenever you need it.

: Want to see what an actual printed card looks like? We scanned each of the following against
a piece of textured, colored paper so you can view the full card --"Ramp Down" from the Coastline Gallery,
and "Liquid Dusk" from the Greece Gallery. If you need to first download Adobe Reader, click here.
For all other detailed product specifications, click here.

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Diaro's Philosophy -- Our photographic style captures the essence and emotion of each scene.
We make little or no alteration so as to honor the natural and inspirational beauty of the subjects.
These sensitively photographed images appear on generously sized Photo Art Cards
in packages of 10 ideal for :

Birthday wishes
Mother's Day
Father's Day
Valentines Day

Anniversary wishes
Thank you notes
Housewarming invitations

Sympathy messages
Congratulations notes
Moving announcements
Gifts & more


The photos shown in each Gallery are low-resolution images
and do not represent the final clarity and quality of the printed cards.

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Simply select your favorite photos from the Galleries, and pay quickly and securely online.

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